Facebook and the next paywall

A not so new tactic is coming to Facebook, paywalls.

Yes, Facebook are launching this through the instant articles they have but only on android, and only through a select group of publishers. What bothers me is, will people sign up for this? Yes, most people get their news from Facebook these days with 67% of Americans getting at least some of their news from social media and 55% of Americans over 50 were also receiving their news from social media. So there is a potential gold mine but with a cap of 10 articles per day are consumers. 10 articles seems like a lot and generally from experience I will read the headline and move on therefore the paywall could be redundant anyway.

pay wall

A paywall banner source: flickr

So will this be well received? I’m leaning towards no, but maybe they will and if consumers do then this will be e great step forward in the ever long debate about journalists and getting adequately paid.

the news industry does need a revamp as news is everywhere and is practically always free so Facebook are trying to help them out just as google is helping as well. Facebook has most likely gone through all their data and understood that this method is best for both the publishers and themselves. but could it be the saving grace the industry needs?

If this paywall feature does work do you think it can be implemented elsewhere and if so where?


Customer service, how important is it?

In digital marketing we see lots of information about customer. We have all sorts of ways of trying to entice customers towards your product. However, as Trustpilot have found consumers rating depends on their experience with the product/service. That’s why they found that customer service was used 18.01% in 1 star reviews and 4.23% on 5 star reviews when looking at most common 2-word phrases.

2 word review graph

Most Common 2-Word Phrases in 1-Star Reviews source: Trustpilot

This begs the question is it just as important to make sure your product is at a high standard and continually there or is this time better spent on marketing your product?
I feel that it’s a little bit of both really. You can’t have one without the other. Consumers can always go elsewhere with their money, so making sure you are known is imperative but backing this up with high quality service will only aid in improving your business. Once you have that great service then you can advertise this. Just think about it like this. If you were looking at a place to stay on a holiday, you would go to one of the many comparison websites then judge on looks but also reviews. If a place doesn’t have good reviews then you can move to the next hotel.

You can see that as marketers you constantly analysis your reviews to address problems that consumers are having. Improving these areas will undoubtedly increase your market share within your industry.

What are your thoughts on evaluating your reviews? how important is it?

Snapchat making a comeback?

It’s hard to imagine this a headline while Snapchat still seems so new everyone assumed it was declining in popularity however, a study recently came out and suggests that in the US 47% of teens prefer Snapchat over any other social media with Instagram coming in second with 24%.

snapchat on the rise

Source: recode.net

This survey shows that maybe companies should consider using Snapchat as a viable source to connect with their consumers. Considering how Snapchat works it can be difficult to understand how companies will use the platform to engage with their customers. Some practices could include allowing for personalised messages or employing campaigns that allow for users to snap them for bonuses or extra products. Creating this personalised experience could be an invaluable contribution to social media marketing.

Everyone loves when Wendy’s roast people on twitter but now it’s time for Snapchat to take charge and allow businesses to create a personalised experience for all.

wendys roasts


However, this study suggests it for teens so is this a worthwhile investment for companies?

I guess it’s just important to understand your target market. Companies like Commbank may want to steer clear where Netflix or Nike may find Snapchat a useful marketing tool.

So what do you think? Should companies use Snapchat or is their easier ways to communicate messages to your consumers?

Listening to radio, is this still a thing?

Apparently it is!

I’m not sure if it’s just how I travel because i’m struggling to believe this but according to a study in Australia by Radio Alive people spend 3 hours and 20 minutes listening to audio and from this a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes are spent listening to the radio. This is quite surprising but when you start to think about how this would be, you can kind of make sense of it. In 2015 only 35% of Melbournians used public transport so there still is a lot of people using car which generally mean using the radio while commuting to work each day.


Share of time spent listening source: Radio alive

This study shows that maybe online marketing isn’t the only way to advertise your product. You have many more options that can work just as efficiently as online.

Does radio work though?

well according to a study recall from radio was recorded to be around 37% of advertisements heard thus showing how radio is important and is to not be ignored by digital marketers. Yes there are certain situations where it should be ignored but ultimately with over 2 hours of a person listening to the radio, maybe some thought should go into looking at alternative methods of marketing your products and not just online.

Considering that streaming services also can house advertisements but while only 22 minutes or 11% of time is taken up by streaming music, you could suggest moving to the ‘older’ form of advertising to get the word out there about your product.

what’s your thought? should advertisers still use radio as a method or should we just focus on the digital world as that’s where we are headed?

A picture is worth a thousand words, can an emoji?

The old saying doesn’t get passed around much but while we all take photos its crazy that we don’t really utilise this, instead its emoji’s that we crave. Facebook’s reactions aren’t new but they are removing empathy from us. As we scroll though Facebook we find out something terrible has happened and yet all we do is like the post, maybe change our profile picture to ‘show our support’ even  create a post ‘praying for city/country’. Does this really seem like a way to actually help people? Or is it just a way to fit in? Make it seem like we care but really it’s just the social norms of today.


Facebook’s reactions, source: Wikimedia commons 

A company has created a campaign to show this in real life, check it out here but what it is trying to do is show how emoji’s can’t replace powerful journalism. A crying face doesn’t emit any emotions like a women hugging her daughter in times of real distress.

Every day there is something bad that happens in this world and reporting on it by using click bait techniques isn’t the appropriate response people should do. It’s like taking what happened in Vegas and making it seem like a trivial event. Yes click bait works, it evokes something within us to have to click on it. But there’s a time and a place for it and tragedies aren’t it.

Maybe i’m thinking too much about it or maybe it’s time to change how we respond to events around the world.

What do you think? Leave a comment below to bring forth your ideas on this matter!

Free advertising, can it be done?

Have you ever posted photos online?
We have all been there
scrolling through Facebook and seeing that one person who posts pictures seemingly every day about their ‘inspiring’ or ‘wanderlust’ trip.

It’s annoying and not just because its 3am and you’re in your onesie eating cold pizza but because you really wish you were there or somewhere else exploring the world.

These photos is where it all begins, just a spark but from the photo could set you down a rabbit hole inevitably leading you to purchasing a holiday you rightly deserve. Does this seems weird to you? Maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t. What is interesting is that 87% of Gen Z travellers are influenced by social media. What does that mean? Well simply put it suggests that seeing photos on Facebook or Instagram can influence your decision.

expedia graph

Therefore as marketers we should be looking into getting the customers to advertise for us. As an example, if you’re able to get people to upload their photos to Facebook or Instagram, their friends will see the photos and may take an interest to going there in the future. It’s essentially free advertising. Friends and family are the best reviewers, you’ll trust them more than a stranger that’s for sure.
Really making sure they capture that unique moment while travelling is of the utmost importance as getting them to influence others will help generate business for your company!

Chat-bots, the future of customer service?

Is the phone call obsolete?

A recent study has suggested that it may just be with 60% of people aged 25-35 find it easier to chat to brands using text based communications, whether its via Facebook or twitter, it’s just simpler.

The same study found that 34% of people would consider using a chat-bot, an AI. That means that 34 out of 100 people would consider communicating with a robot rather than a human. I understand where those people are coming from, would you rather be on hold all day or be able to fix your problem in a matter of minutes? I know which option i’d choose.

For anyone doing digital marketing at Monash and having completed the Hubert survey we all know what it like talking to a chat-bot. Even with its problems, it’s hard finding a reason as to why you wouldn’t want to use this software even in its primitive form it was able to gather data easily compared to a stock standard questionnaire.

Screen capture from Tay, Microsoft’s twitter AI

This study shows how companies should be considering this technology not only as a way to reduce costs but as a proper solution to handle complaints. You always hear about companies going wrong when handling complaints but with a chat-bot doing the bulk of your work you simply get a clearer more consistent message for your brand. We know problems can arise from chat-bots such as the Microsoft twitter chat-bot becoming a Nazi or the boost juice chat-bot being accused of being a total creep. But with these problems companies are able to find solutions which will just enhance the chat-bot experience in the near future. enabling everyone to fix any problem almost immediately.

Honestly, I’m all for it! Bring on the bots!

What are your thoughts?

The overlooked marketing tool

G’day all!

Unbox therapy

Have you heard of it?

It’s a YouTube channel originally setup to showcase one guy unboxing gadgets and showcasing them to 8.5 million subscribers totaling 1,528,525,666 views as of the 6th of September 2017. Who would’ve thought that a channel solely dedicated to unboxing products and we are watching this. This begs the question. Should businesses take advantage of this?

Simple answer is yes. An article I read said that the right visuals can trigger emotions and feeling that make a customer feel special and if you can get that too a wider audience who knows what can transpire. If people are dedicated to watching these videos then the packaging and making the unboxing an experience will surely bode well with all parties involved.

Everyone loves tearing into a new parcel that had just arrived but what if you slowed it all down to make sure the customer appreciates the product they are getting by making the packaging just as important as the product inside it.

Tomorrowland, a festival in Belgium has seen the packaging as the first step in entering their world. They have created the treasure case (see below). This case is never just a boring box but a magical opening to start your journey of Tomorrowland. they thought outside of the box and decided to bring a piece of the magic to their homes thus creating unboxing videos of these cases and allowing even more people to experience the wonder of Tomorrowland. The videos can generate upwards of one hundred thousand views.

tomorrowland treasure case

Image from pinterest.pt 

Sponsoring videos where you can have your product viewed millions of times online just for the packaging can help drive consumers towards your products aiding in increased promotion towards your product.

Any thoughts on unboxing videos, leave a comment below!

Going viral, is it worth the trouble?

G’day all!


Breaking the internet, it’s a term you hear often. Maybe you’ve been on Facebook and a page has claimed something has broken the internet. However, have you ever really seen something break the internet? Have you ever looked further into a viral video? A viral image?


If you think about it, when something becomes a viral phenomenon, do you ever look at the YouTube channel, the Facebook page, or the subreddit from where it came from? Have you ever subscribed to the channel? Would you ever consider it? Or is just that one post good enough for you?


What I’m getting at is – is breaking the internet the end game or is it something you should hope for but not strive for? I personally haven’t ever gone viral, but I believe that if you’re able to create great quality videos where you have dedicated subscribers who will watch/read everything you post, you’ll prosper overall. Having your work that can make it to the front page of reddit can’t hurt, but without a backing other brilliant videos/blogs that you have created, it’s all for nothing. The public won’t think of you again if you can’t back it up. Pleasing your subscribers is the most important goal one should attain for. Adjust for them not for anyone else. They are the important people who will help you expand your company.


All in all, creating content is a difficult feat no matter what, but what is important to understand is that striving to break the internet is not the goal. The goal is to please your viewers.


If going viral happens, it’s just a bonus.

Are Cookies really that bad?

G’day all

Have you ever witnessed the cookies question on any website?

Ever wondered what they are used for?

Have you truly understood how magnificent they are?

Cookies can be a complicated term. but simply put is a bit of information that is stored to help the user with simple tasks like logging in, for example if you visit a site and need to log in then the cookie can store the username and when you revisit the site the cookie has the information needed therefore saving you time re-entering it.

If you notice ads popping up about items you have been recently looking at or websites you have visited, you have witnessed greatness in such a small way. These ads however annoying they may seem would only be worse if they weren’t something you were interested in right?

Imagine you’re in a lecture and it’s quite dull, you decide to visit Facebook for the meme your mate tagged you in earlier today, you’re in, then BAM an ad on the side for an adult entertainment themed website comes out of nowhere. You quickly try to close the page before people see. Unfortunately they already have and now you’re completely embarrassed in front of people you hardly know. This would be the worst right? That’s where cookies make your life happy. The ads won’t be for 18+ only eyes (unless you want them to be 😉 ). They will be designed specifically for you, saving you from the embarrassment of the whole lecture hall.

Ads are a great source of revenue and they can alone be the only source of income, so isn’t it better to have ads targeted towards you? Cookies allow this flow of information to help you be safer on the internet.

What do you think? Should cookies live on or should you be blocking them at all costs? Please comment below so I can hear other sides of the story.